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The CHUCHO MERCHÁN FOUNDATION was created in 2018 by Chucho Merchán as a means to continue his legacy and extend his work as an animal rights activist.


 The Foundation is constituted as a non-profit organization that benefits animals and the environment. It has a social interest, of a private nature.


Some of the objectives of the Foundation are the defense of animals, the claim of their rights and the dissemination of veganism as the most ethical, compassionate, healthy and sustainable way to continue towards the future.


In this sense, the Foundation has the pedagogical purpose of disseminating the music composed and performed by Chucho Merchán, which is mostly dedicated to denouncing and making people reflect on the injustice perpetrated against animals, proposing ethical visions for the future, and also, being witness to the growing fight for animal defense and the dedication of its protagonists.


Since its creation, the Chucho Merchán Foundation has been in charge of feeding and caring for the animals that have been adopted by the Aluna Shelter including llamas, horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, pigs, cats, rats, cows, parrots, cockatoos, and dogs. it has also made contributions to campaigns, marches and other activities of independent activists and animal organizations that promote legislation in favor of animals and teach about respect and responsibility towards sentient beings. In turn, it has supported shelters that rescue animals from human exploitation in Colombia.

Fundacion Chucho Merchan
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