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The vegan revolution it’s a path that we all can take that dares to change the patterns of injustice, cruelty, exploitation, destruction and indifference, which has historically been exercised by humanity against non-human animals, for a relationship with them based on respect for their lives and their interests, and on the right that these sentient beings have to freely inhabit Planet Earth just like humans.


There is a large percentage of people who have become aware of cruelty to animals and are in the process of changing, but there is also a powerful industry that together with multinational corporations are increasingly guilty of annihilating billions of lives every hour, minute by minute, every second, and contributing on a large scale to the destruction of the Amazon and thousands of forests and ecosystems around the planet, in addition to causing the contamination of fresh water sources that are so important for our survival.


The meat industry continues to grow and the torture and death machines are increasingly sophisticated. The worldwide production figures are disproportionate and destroy all kinds of illusions and hopes of a humanity that respects all sentient beings.

Corporations and their political puppets take over the world, money is the only thing that matters to them and for them animals are just things that do not deserve any kind of respect or moral consideration. Society remains indifferent and hardly anyone talks about it. The animal holocaust continues behind closed doors.


That is why the struggle must grow and strengthen, and each one of us can do his bit. The sea is made drop by drop from the moors and that is the light of hope for the animals and for all of us who love and respect them.


And what can we do to help?... Well, very simple, assume ethics in our daily lives and thus lead a life oriented by veganism. Veganism is a life style and philosophy that rejects animal exploitation in all its forms  and it’s also the beginning of animal liberation, human liberation and the salvation of the planet.


As citizens of this world, it is important to say that it hurts us deeply to know that with all the soybeans and cereals used to feed animals in the meat industry, world hunger could be eradicated.

Spreading the use of solar panels and electric cars, rationing the use of water, using less paper, reducing or eliminating our dependence on plastics, among other actions, is correct, laudable and admirable, and it is good to do it, however, that is just the environmentalist false excuse since the industrialized production of meat is the biggest contributor to climate change, and in this sense, stopping consuming meat would be one of the most significant contributions that each of us can make to save the planet, and this is confirmed by scientific studies and statistics.

That is why all those who claim to be environmentalists, friends and guardians of the planet will first have to be vegans in order to have a discourse and a life consistent with these intentions.

 Veganismo es justicia
Revolucion Vegana

Similarly, in Colombian animal aid institutions, in some protectionist groups, in the news and in the general population (without intending to insult anyone), there are many people who say they love animals because they rescue They help or live with dogs and cats, but they have no qualms about eating pigs, cows, chickens, or fish, even knowing that they are sentient beings just like their dogs and cats, and that they have been exploited, tortured, and killed just to delight their taste buds. It is an incongruous way of acting and contrary to the idea or desire to love animals.


In Colombia, animal rights are almost never mentioned when they refer to the food industry. Imagine what life is like for animals in Colombian farms and slaughterhouses, where regulation and surveillance is minimal and even worse in those clandestine places where cows, pigs, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, chickens, monkeys, fish, turkeys and rabbits suffer daily situations of exploitation and extreme cruelty.rights do not exist for them, since they are objects of purchase and sale and anyone can use and kill them as they wish.


Veganism for animals, for our health and for the planet. Because veganism is the most loving, ethical, healthy, intelligent and safe way to continue into the future and that change starts at the dinner table and how we dress.


It is no longer necessary to eat meat, since it is scientifically proven that it is the biggest cause of cancer and heart disease in the world and that vegetable protein is totally efficient and much healthier. Until when are we going to continue with the  false idea that we need meat to get protein.

The meat industry conspiracy wants us to keep eating dead and tortured animals to line their pockets with money, and the pharmaceutical industry wants us to keep heart disease and cancer so they can line their pockets too. We have to wake up to this huge lie.


Drop by drop, animal liberation will come one day.

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