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In the mountains of the Colombian Andes, almost 3,000 meters high in the department of Cundinamarca, is the Aluna Shelter, a small natural paradise where Chucho Merchán has welcomed, since his return to Colombia, animals of different species that have been rescued from abuse and have been fortunate to experience a new life, being free from exploitation, respected and loved.

The shelter is part of the Chucho Merchán Foundation, which has among its objectives to raise awareness and teach about the recognition of non-human animals as sentient beings with conscience and interests according to their species, and therefore deserving of respect and care from humans. For this reason, the Aluna animal shelter in addition to being a dignified home to several horses, llamas, cows, goats, sheep, ducks, pigs, rats, cockatoos, parrots, many chickens, rabbits, dogs and cats, has become a practical example for us all to see as fair treatment from humans towards animals, based on the respect and responsibility that humanity must assume in regards to other species.


Shelters and sanctuaries for rescued animals are not the definitive solution to animal abuse and exploitation, however, they are small havens of justice that contribute to social changes and the construction of a better world, by carrying the torch of animal dignity and gradually illuminate the path towards a relationship of respect, rights and love between humans and non-humans. Along this path, the Aluna Shelter and the Chucho Merchan Foundation will continue marching and inviting people until animal liberation is the norm and not the exception.

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